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All it would have taken was a tensioned come-along - the g-d-ed tree leaned towards the house. A tree will almost always fall south given no other considerations. I coulda taken that tree down safely and I haven't handled a 36" bar in near 40 years (we have a little pecker of an 18" bar at the cabin in Montana and I could taken it down safely with that w/o a come-along).



YEAH.. I have been seen thiz.. uhh the video I mean..
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step 1Cut a Notch in the Felling Direction
Make it a big notch that goes more than halfway through the tree. The "mouth" part of this notch faces in the direction you want your tree to fall. If the tree is mostly …

step 2Cut Toward the Notch from the Other Side.
Cut from the other side toward the big notch. When you get close to the notch the tree will start to lean away from you. If it doesn't, or if it leans the wrong way and bi…

step 3The Tree Falls
As it starts to lean, make your escape to one side, because the butt of the tree can kick back. There isn't any very safe place to be, because branches can break and fly…

step 4Now What?
I misjudged the height of the tree and the distance to the nearest neighbor. I have no depth perception. That's why they wouldn't let me fly jets. It fell in the right di…

step 5Saw up from the Bottom
There's no safe way to proceed, here's my cousin Rod's method: Saw up from the bottom until the tree starts to sag, using the upper edge of the saw. In the photo you ca…

step 6Check Yourself Into the Clinic
I stand in awe at the sight of this forest giant laid low. If things don't go so well, your loved ones will get to contemplate your own mortality. I think I'm done …

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