okay here goes

i am about to take my gcses and i want to become a programmer and dont have the fogyist idea on what that invoilves

i am planning to do a 2 year btec and was wondering what kind of careers you can get from following on to university and what experiences people have found the best thankyou

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If you do well at University you can pretty much do what you like, gaining a degree shows you've got apptitude, getting the job you want is down to networking and throwing mud up the wall, eventually some will stick.

I studied BTEC Busines and Finace and the HND Business and Finance at University. After 4 years stagnating in a bank I decided I wanted to be a programmer (computers were a hobby up to this point), I signed up with every IT Recruitment office I could find and looked up every single passing aquaintence I could think off.

Eventually It turned out my old scout leader had just taken over the IT Dept at his firm and was looking for a junior. He arranged an interview and I got the job (on miserable pay but you have to make sacrifices to get what you want) . The rest is history.

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