Hi - Spent best part of an hour writing a thread to intoduce myself yesterday evening, only to have it lost in the ether it seems! So this is a shortened version:
My name is Paul. I'm from Portsmouth (GB) and employed as an electronics engineer.
Likes: most sci-fi films and sci-fi tv shows, astronomy, walking and reading, most things chocolate!
dislikes: Sprouts, liars and taxis drivers who think they rule the road.
Newbie to programming, but get a kick out of it, especially when I solve a problem.
Started out a year or two back when I started to read up about C. Read half the book on C and was really enjoying it before someone suggested I should be reading up on C++ "..as that is what everyone does these days!". Managed to get up to and just about understand about inheritance before someone else suggested I should go into web design (HTML, CSS, Java script, PHP). Recently brought a new computer with XP installed and had my old pc converted to Linux Ubuntu 9.4, which I am currently trying to learn the cmds for the terminal command line.
So much coding to learn and do, so little time to do it in!
Thanks for reading.