New to this community, looks pretty nice in here! I'm a web developer, specialize in search engine optimization and domain programs for Xerox <URL SNIPPED>

Current big project is working with strategy team to develop social media guidelines and strategy for people wanting to participate in Web 2.0++ on behalf of our company. Don't want to hold people back, but don't want a free-for-all shoot 'em out and roll 'em in crisis on our hands either.

Anyone have social media propensity or advise you'd like to share?

OH - and Vitals:
F, 30, Portland Oregon

Thanks! Look forward to participating and learning!


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Hello Sumer!
Nice to see people from Portland on this awesome site.

I am a senior computer science student who is about to graduate. However, I have not had that much of an experience working with IT stuff other than what I did in classes. I feel really lost now, and very scared leaving academics without getting my hands dirty in any real life IT experience. I have been searching for internships, or part time jobs, anything that would help me gain experience, but no success yet.

I am more interested into stuff like Google where high tech came into a place in creative ways to ease the life of people.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and I go to Portland State university.

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