Greetings, looking for some computer buying advice. I'm currently in school pursuing an MIS (minor in Computer Science) degree and it's painfully obvious that I need a new computer at home. I've got it narrowed down to 2, but I just can't seem to decide.

The first one is an i5-650 CPU (dual core?) and 6 GB RAM. The other is virtually identical, except it is an i5-750 (quad core?) and 8 GB RAM. The 2nd is only 50 bucks more, so maybe it's a no brainer, but I really can't justify spending money just to spend money. Do you think I'd see a noticeable difference in performance? Especially when it comes to things that I'll be doing for school (databases, programming, etc)?

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Your selection of the Intel Chip was good. Our IT unit uses these types to good advantage. Your question concerning RAM is interesting. Ram is fundamental to large data handling.....and operating systems tend to get ever larger.
Like building a computer from ordered parts.....the end user should ask..."
What will my main tasks....main use be?"
Memory can have issues of functionality in the chip design. Can be upgraded at a later date. In a general sense though, larger memory is good.

Get the largest ram size you can afford/ the system can handle. you can never go wrong with more-than-enough memory.

go with 8gb ram option

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