Hey all,

I've been using this forum for over 20 days with this account and had a couple of posts with another account in 2004. Even though I've been here for a little while already, I've never introduced myself here (aside from the Tell us about yourself! thread).

I first found Daniweb while searching for some programming stuff in early 2004. I continued using this forum not only because there is so much content but because it is quality stuff.

Now that I have a more time to spare in 2005, I am ready to help the community and make it a better place. ;)

Since January, I've been working as a coop student for the government of Canada with a team of application developers. In September I will return to college for 4 months to get my diploma in programming. After that? Well I hope to get a full time job!

Hope to see you around,


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Hello Mat and late welcome to daniweb :). I've been seeing you for a while now ... and I hope you become popular in all the daniweb community :d.

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