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Okay, Halloween is only two weeks away, so what better time to introduce five "weird" internet & media content stocks that might be more treat than trick.

The list is culled from the financial web site The site does warn that a few of the 'weird' selections might be high risk stocks for some investors. So be forewarned.

Here goes:

1. New Frontier Media (NOOF), Barrelomoney's top pick on fundamentals received a buyout offer on August 30. Three of three analysts say "buy" according to Yahoo Finance (before the offer) and many insiders indeed have been buying. Steel Partners, the well known activist hedge fund that made an undisclosed offer, was buying ahead of the offer and now owns 15% of New Frontier Media. The stock is not for cultural purists -- the company provides sexually explicit content but it is making good money right now. New Frontier Media trades at a price-earnings ratio of around 16-17. Again, it is not suitable for many investors though due to its very explicit products and the stock could fall back if the buyout deal doesn't come about.

2. Gemstar TV Guide (GMST). This possible turnaround is billed as a more long term selection. Gemstar is a bit of a risk but it does have solid revenues and good management. Though TV critics are skeptical, the company's cable shows have shown signs of life with the Joan and Melissa comedy team and more recently the show about getting trapped in TV Guide. It is both risky and low-priced in the $2- $3 range- so it's not for the widows and orphans. No hurry to buy as it has been cheap for some time and losing money but if you want a call on the turnaround it could be a good choice after the network get through the rocky weeks of autumn.

3. The Street (TSCM) Originally called, insiders bought when it hit a low around $1.00 per share and they are taking profits now. Heavy insider selling and a PE above 30 are the big negatives but it trades at only 16 times expected earnings. A healthier stock market later this year and a tech stock revival could make the stock interesting and a takeover is always a possibility with a successful little content provider. There aren't many good content providers on the Internet that can compete with big media companies and this is one of the few that can.

4. Playboy (PLA, PLAA). Hugh Hefner recently bought a big chunk recently, adding to his already ample holdings. The stock would be a takeover prospect but the Hefner family says it won't sell. Playboy is getting racier and still has good writers and photographers. They should gain interest when the Palms opens the club there in Las Vegas this fall. Going into online gaming could also be exciting though the Bet On Sports troubles has taken air out of the sector with institutions leaving hedge funds to look for bargains. Playboy is in all media channels- cable, Internet and print publishing. And whatever else you have to say about the stock, its brand is a big benefit.

5. Lion's Gate Films (LGF). Owned by Carl Icahn, Lion's Gate is a small film company with hits in horror and low-budget films. Its film library is considered valuable and the company is a takeover candidate on that basis. Lion's Gate is exploring creating or teaming with another company to create a "horror channel" which could be a catalyst for the stock this fall. Films like Saw and Farenheit 451 have helped fill company coffers.

That's it . . . five offbeat media and internet stocks to ponder over this Halloween season. I'll keep an eye out for more . . .