I have an EMac and have been using the built-in parental controls set through the Prefferences\users menu. My son is on the "simplified" login and should only be able to access sites I have specifically put in. BIG loophole---Other programs, such as World Book Encyclopedia and certain programs' help menus that take you out to the web, are just a gateway to wherever you want to go. I verified the problem with a coworker who is usually my MacDaddy when it comes to my questions. Now he's seen the same thing and is worried for his girls. There seems to be no real security. Has anyone else seen this and/or been able to settle this problem???;)

There will always be security holes, but there's usually a way to plug them.

Is it Internet Explorer which starts when you click on a link from World Book? Mac OS X security does not work on Internet Explorer. If you don't use/need IE, you could delete it, or simply remove privaliges from the other accounts.

Actually, I don't have Internet Explorer anymore. I use Safari. One of the times I got out through another program, it even offered for me to download Opera too. I will go home tonight and get specifics on where some of the loopholes are and post them. Thanks much for your reply:lol:

Wild shot in the dark, but you might check to see if the "Allow Supporting Programs" checkbox is marked under Finder & System in the Parental Controls portion of the Accounts preference pane. If it is checked, try changing it to unchecked.

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