Im creating an audit of all our UNIX systems which all run solaris (dfiferent versions) I need to gather the serail number from a few of the boxes that are located on another site is there anyway to do this:


I cannot install any program to do this for me (e.g sneep)
I cannot physically visit the box.

Can anyone help

what access do you have?


ssh, telnet, rlogin all through putty and then a remote desktop connection through exceede so i have both gui or terminal avilable to me

no these require installin thrid party software or just using the hostid (not the serail number) but cheers for tryin

sorry i couldnt be of any more help, i havent got much experience with sun h/w

Hey there, if you're running Solaris and not using "sneep" (which requires you to input the serial number manually), there's no way to get the serial number off of the box without looking at it - not even through the ALOM, although they're supposed to be adding a feature like that soon.

The best advice I could give would be to do a physical inventory, make notes and use "sneep" on all the boxes you can (and store the info in a spreadsheet for all others -- everything, probably -- regardless) so that you're alll set for next time

, Mike


yer thats the conclusion i have come to, too. Pretty rubbish of sun really but oh well.

Cheers for everyones help