I come to the IT community with hat in hand for advice. I currently work for a company that while it has been good, I am concerned about my future with it (read:layoffs). I have been going to school part-time to finish a Associates in computer tech (programming VB/database and html/php) and I am 1 year away from finishing (i take 2 classes at a time and my last 4 are trig and bs psych/ arts req). After I receive the associates I am 2 more classes away from my computer tech because I am enrolled in a associates/B.S. and I took most of my computer classes before I took my liberal arts classes.

Here is my question: Is it too early for me to begin looking for another place to work that uses these skills? Or do I hold out and wait until I have my degree(s) in hand? I have posted my resume below, but I have removed my basic info so this isnt viewed as advertising myself I am looking for advice. I am just really.. well... afraid to put myself out there after working for the same place for 7 years and thinking I have a family to support too.
ANY advice or thoughts would be much appreciated

A challenging position as a web and application developer with the possibility of career growth.
•	Proficient in: Java, JavaScript, HTML, Visual Basic.net, PHP

•	Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, and Microsoft Access
•	Photo Editing: Photoshop CS2-3, Corel Draw Suite 9-13, GIMP
•	Platforms: Microsoft  Win 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista, Linux (Ubuntu/Knoppix)

	[B]Webmaster|Marketing Coordinator 	2002-Present[/b]
•	Primary responsibilities include maintaining corporate website and informational   blog for manufacturer representatives.
•	Developed and tested new spiff tracking program with Visual Studio
•	Developed and tested zip code based manufacturing representative tracking system using Microsoft Access, later upgraded to Visual Studio.
•	Developed and tested new product quoting system for manufacturer representatives.
[b] Support Manager	2001-2002[/b]
•	Developed manual for building, maintain, and upgrading of video capture systems.
•	Researched storage, networking and video capture equipment for use in future company products
•	Provided phone and on-site support of customer video capture systems
•	Created product manual for several company software pieces
•	Designed and produced software demo CDs and installation CDs.

	[b]Business Machine Specialist	        1998-2001[/b]
•	Provided on-site repair of customer personal and business machines.
•	Developed in store training sessions for employees and customers.
•	Coordinated local and regional trade show appearances.
•	Problem-solved hardware issues in store sales equipment.

	Kent State University	
	Kent, Ohio
•	Currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science- Senior Standing

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Well, you certainly have nothing to lose by starting to look. Worst case you cannot find anything. Best case you find an excellent job with a stable company. In fact, if you are really concerned about layoffs, looking around now rather than getting caught flat-footed with no job and a family to support seems like a prudent thing to do in my mind. At the very least you will have a better idea of what to expect from the job market if you decide to stay with your current company for the time being.

I agree with Ezzaral. I was in a similar situation. I'm from a small city where I had a good job but wouldn't have much opportunities to grow. So I started to publish my resume at some specialized sites (career sites and companies sites). I got a better job, in a big city, where I have other opportunities (jobs, courses, peoples), I brought my family with me and have been trying to develop myself.
I feel not sorry for this change and stay open to changes.

always keep your options open...

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