We all have our own idols, the persons we admire, but there are also those we envy most!

Then who are they??

LOL, waithing for all your replies!:lol:

i dont think many people envy others, in turkish we have a saying:
they posted minds for sale in the market and every one purchased his.

I do envy others, and I think it is kind of human nathure.

The one I envy most is those millionaires~:D

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton - explorer, diplomat, author - spoke 23 languages and numerous dialects (starred in To Our Scattered Bodies Go). Wrote numerous books, translated 1,001 Arabian Nights, and others, even wrote poetry. Actually visited Brigham Young (The City of Saints, learning Sioux along the way. Tried convince B.Y. that he wanted to convert to Mormonism but B.Y. had many of his books so he was not fooled.

Is probably one of the top 5 most biographied people in English.

I envy my butt. :$

need to see it first, maybe i envy it too :)

I envy those people who are extremly good at maths. It is a subject that gonna kill me!

Math is about conceptualizing, if you are seeking for reality or truth, you tend to visualize things in their correct nature, this makes understanding math difficult. For the sake of conceptualizing, forget about what in reality math matches to and just absractly conceptualize the concepts of math. If you like philosopy of religion, you are likely to be a person who is after truth, that, at the begginning, makes understanding math difficult, for it is a modeling language of concepts but not concrete reality. Once you leave your stubborness against the search for the truth thing or seeing the concrete implementations or references in Math, you will be good at it. That was what happened to me when i was in middle school, after a year i became very good at math out of the worst person in the class.
Create your own abstract way of converting math language. it will help you have a framework and reusable thinking units in your brain. Then you will use these little units to understand big concepts. And any new concept will require compilation of the knowledge to your own set of thinking instructions.

But i am good in maths all time ...
I envy those people who are the real legends in gaming world !!
Those behind Warcraft , Resident Evil , Diablo etc.. and
specially Sid Meier [ CIVILIZATION ]

[ And Bill Gates hehehehehehehe ]

i usually am jealous or covit rather than envying. Bad personality..

No problem ,
There is lot of situations for me for " jealous or covit rather than envying "

I envy those people who are the real legends in gaming world !!

I pity them, they're far from being "real legends" in the "real world" :icon_wink:
Unless of course you're talking about the programmers.

Ok , i like programmers but you know one thing ..
The real legends in programs specially VB are living in DARK !!
Yes its true , i searched many sites and many work but i never found one program like this
A duplicate for MS ACCESS [ that is created in VB 5 !! ], I DON'T KNOW HIS NAME ..
But i like to make him as a target not to " ENVY ! "
And one more

It is not a good idea to envy on programmers , just try to make them envy on you !!

[My teacher told me this ... ]
And ..
Game are also a part of program , and " you can live in fantasy worlds that you can't do in real world !! "

I envy the guy lives next door, and he seems need nothing!

Such a rare in today's world!

I envy those people to whom
"Ignorance is bliss"
has a real meaning!