i'm 35 and i'm a little IT manager. I work for an Italian company that creates solution for gas stations. We work for ENI and Shell principally and, also, for some other little italian company. Due to our activity we are 24 employes and we have more than 30 servers and more than 50 Sql Dbs, the biggest one is near to 700Gb

I principally work on windows from 2k to 2k8 both server and workstation, we have started two virtualization project, one based on MS HYPER-V and he other on VMWARE.

I am a dosscript passionated and i'm always searching for tools that can automate my activity.

how do you think people are supposed to reply to this thread?

io parlo molto male italiano, come'stai, io sto bene, come ti chi ami, mi chi amo serkan. quanto personne in il signor rassi? i used to have private italian courses by an albenian student almost 10 years ago.
the above are almost all the things i remember. italian is a nice language.

Anyway, welocme to this forum!

But tool as u have mentioned, what kind of tool that u need?