hello everybody
i am newbie to jsp.
working on some project and struck into some problem.
my poject is about web rendering .
i am creating a buffer image and storing that in to some file .when i am trying to open this file on browser using jsp,it is not showing me the actual image.
my code was working fine with 1e6.it started creating probs in ie8.
if i zoom my image on browser,it is not zooming it but the image that is there in file is responding correctly.
thanx in advance for any

plz help me out .i am very new to jsp

You been asked by number of our members to also include any relevant coding. This is missing and without it there is little hope somebody will attempt to help you...

in my jsp i am storing the buffered image in to somefile

BufferedImage image = (BufferedImage)session.getAttribute("image");
String path = application.getRealPath("/");
String imagePath = path+"images//mapimage.jpeg";
File file =new File(imagePath);
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<script type="text/javascript">

var image1;
var x1;
var y1; 
var isDragging=false;
var dx;
var dy;
var x2;
var y2;
var x;
var y;
var ob;

window.onload = init;
document.onmousemove = mM;
document.onmouseup = mU;

function init() 
	ob = document.getElementById("image1");	

function mD(ob,e) //on mouse down event
	image1 = ob;
	if (window.event) e=window.event;	
	x1 = e.clientX;
	y1 = e.clientY;
	isDragging = true;
	return false;

function mM(e) //mouse move
	if (!isDragging) return;
	if (window.event) e=window.event;
	x2 = e.clientX;
	y2 = e.clientY;
	return false;

function mU() //mouse up
	if (!isDragging) return;
	isDragging = false;
	dx = x1-x2;
	dy = y1-y2;
	document.displayMapForm.dx.value = dx;
    document.displayMapForm.dy.value = dy;
    if(isNaN(dx) && isNaN(dy))
    	return false;

function move()//displays coordinates as mouse moves on image
	window.status = " X = " + event.x + " Y = " + event.y 


<body onmousemove="move();"
<img id="image1" src="/image/mapimage.jpeg"  align="left" width="1500" height="1500" onmousedown="mD(this, event)" ></img>

i am also using struts famework in this

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the same code was working fine in ie6.
but now when i started using 1e8,mozilla,its creating problems.

With little modification now, your code is working.

BufferedImage image = (BufferedImage)session.getAttribute("image");
   String path = application.getRealPath("/");
   String imagePath = path+"images//mapimage.jpeg";
   File file =new File(imagePath);
   FileOutputStream fos=new FileOutputStream(file);

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Finally, Good job

thanx everyone for helping me.finally i reached at the solution.

thanx a lot for ur help.i am new to jsp.so lz dont mind if i ask some stupid questions.
thanx a gain .