Hello !

We, a group of 3 persons, Omar, Neil and Paul, will be working on a java-project for university, until january 21.

It's our first GUI-program, we have decided to develop a slideshow following
these ideas:

for another subject on university we will install an online-picture-gallery based on PHP and MySQL. And we are trying to take advantage of the functions of this Online-picture-gallery for our Java-project, so that we don't need to do so much things.

Because we are planning a feature that allows the user to get the pictures from the slideshow from this server, and also to upload pics, it would be cool if the online-gallery could provide some support for us.

The Java-Software so works as sort of an Offline-Slideshow-program, allowing to import pics and music from local folders and also from server-folders and to upload them, and the user can create slideshows with the pics selected or random slideshows or so.

Maybe you could sometimes help us with some problems or so we encounter through the process.

Looking forward, Paul+co

Hi paucki and welcome to DaniWeb,

I am sure that all of us here at DW would be happy to try to help you with any problems that you encounter. That is the whole point of DaniWeb! Just post a description of your problem, as well as any relevant code to show your attempts, and we will try to help.

Sounds like an interesting project, good luck :)

Just post a description of your problem, as well as any relevant code to show your attempts, and we will try to help.

relevant exceptions you get can come in handy too :)
but indeed, good luck

Sorry i didn't reply earlier!
there was a lot to do most of the time - unfortunately there was not so much time to work on the project.

There's still the animation part to be implemented and also, we want to have a save option that saves the user's settings in an XML file, together with the pictures he can then play the slideshow later again.

For the animation my friend and project member Omar has a book called Filthy Rich Clients. But it probably won't be easy to take out the things required.

I'll let you head.

Ciao, paul

I did not understand the point of your earlier post nor am I able to understand it now. Your earlier post was sort of making ground for future questions that you might have, sort of preparing us for the questions you might throw at us. But I suppose there was no need of that, since many people here have been doing the same since they joined in, they do not to be "prepared" as such. Your this post too is of no use, if you are not posting any questions for a long time does mean that you have been pretty busy doing whatever you want to, there's no need to post saying that you have been busy enough and that you do not have any problems, well we have been busy enough too in our work, no one's sitting here idle waiting for questions that you have promised might come four months ago.


You are right. i should better post .


You are right. i should better post .

what Verruckt24 was trying to explain: you should better not post unless you actually have something to post