DCdriver, working the metro DC area has joined. I'm a sole proprietor, in business about 9 years. I have a couple industry certs, which are lovely for getting interviews, but mean nothing without field experience. I do a bunch of Cisco work, some telephony, small business administration of networks, and some home Mom and Pop office PC's.
I got into the site today, looking for a cure for a missing Folder Options, found one, tried it, impressed my customer, and appreciate the help!
I hope that I can from time to time see something that I can contribute to, maybe lend a word or two down the road. I appreciate all you experts out there, helping a solo find some help!

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Welcome, I want to know more about u! Will u share?
I think you'll learn a lot here!


Share? If I can help, I will. I don't spend a lot of time online for fun though, since I spend so much time with systems during the day. Share what? I know a great place to eat near Union Station in DC, and some really bad places to park... :)

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