Hi friends ..I think people likes to play computer games.
The first game i played in a Computer is Nightmare Creatures.

I like to know your first computer game ??

star trek game - a purely qwerty game all the graphics were from the keyboard. I played it on main frames and on early microcomputers.

I actually only started using the computer when I was about 8/9 years old, the earliest game I cam remember playing is Age of Empires :P

On my old Sega Master System (which I still have), the first I can remember playing in Portugal when I must have been about 4 years old, was Sonic the Hedgehog. Good times.

edit: found it with an emulator attached :)

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Defender! (like space invaders)

On win 3.1/DOS

Pin ball (see attachment) on this computer
In general I don't like games anymore, they have become so "complicated" that it seems you have to spend the rest of your life with them...

First PC game was Starcraft followed by HalfLife in 98, still my favorite games today. Can't remember what my first console game was.

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I remember when I was really young on the Apple II playing games like Taipan (which was a pirates / smuggling game) and Chivalry (where you were a knight who wandered the land and competed in jousting tournaments and the like). It was also around this time that I was playing the old Nintendo hand-helds with games like Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, etc. I also had this portable pacman game that I spent way too long playing!

I also remember when the first Warcraft game came out and thinking how awesome it was. Well I loaded it up the other day and certainly games have come a LONG way since!

helllo may i know your name:)

Ummm.... Why....???? :S

Ummm.... Why....???? :S

So he can send you a million dollars, why else?

My first game was Arcadia on ZX Spectrum 48K

ah... first game... dunno :) i've forgot 'bout it. but i think the first game i realy like to play was Age of empires I....
i remembered the priest says "hoyoyo...." when he's trying to heal a unit. :twisted: thats the most interesting part of the game for me.
but now... when i played the game again... i got sleppy in about 5 minutes after playing it. ah.... how time have past
hoyoyo... hoyoyo...

So he can send you a million dollars, why else?

Oh, well in that case check my profile :)

The first I paly, I guess it is the POKE game!:D

S-Mario was the first game I 've played ( 9 yrs old )

the first game i played on pc is Princess Maker.
just because im a huge fan of anime stuffs before and because im a female. lolz

*dang i feel very different here* -.-

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I guess it is the Super Mario, wow, long time has been past!

first batch of pc games i played was doom, duke nukem and daytona usa.. they were all in windows 95.. does anyone know where i can download the daytona usa game? i miss this one... :'(

Please, dont talk about downloading warez here

Please, dont talk about downloading warez here

To be fair, the game is 16 years old and probably freely available on the net, I know the demo is. [link]

Im gonna take this thread in a slightly different direction and talk about the first game I made. It was a version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" using javascript. Just a simple school assignment for my web programming class a couple of years ago. I'd like to hear the first game made by the rest of the community members.

I made the game of Nim, followed by battleships, then chess. Then i worked on some card games (Pontoon and poker).

I made the game of Nim, followed by battleships, then chess. Then i worked on some card games (Pontoon and poker).

I also made a blackjack game in javascript and a basic number guessing game using c++.

The first game I played on a computer was super mario. I think I was 10 years old that time.