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Amazingly, the 100 millionth Nintendo DS handheld video gaming console has been shipped. Since the original Nintendo DS launched way back in 2005, at least here in Europe, it has pretty much dominated the handheld market despite strong competition from Sony with the PSP.

Nintendo tell me that, as of the end of December 2008, there were some 83 Nintendo DS titles which exceeded 1 million global shipments, and no less than seven titles which managed to exceed 10 million shipments. Brain Training anyone? Indeed, it was games like Brian Training which helped Nintendo to reach beyond the traditional young male audience to attract girls, adult men and women and as unlikely as it sounded at the time, even seniors.

A Nintendo spokesperson says "Nintendo DS games demonstrate an evergreen quality: They frequently remain in the top-selling lists, months - or even years - after their launch."

Sometimes they even win awards, like the Nico Bellic beating Super Mario Galaxy which just yesterday picked up the Best Video Game award at the BAFTAs. what with the recent news that Nintendo enjoys half the total video games software market in the UK. it must be feeling pretty pleased with itself I reckon.

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