Dire Wolf Digital Launches New Game Development Company

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A new game development company, Dire Wolf Digital, has officially announced itself to the world today and could be prepared to make a big splash in the gaming world come 2011.

The company shows some strong potential given their current make-up of seasoned veterans in the gaming and business world including Dire Wolf's founder, Scott Martins who has served as studio head of Sony Online Entertainment's Denver office. Martins also founded Worlds Apart Productions which was later acquired by Sony Online Entertainment's Denver studio. Other key players include Creative Director Paul Dennen whose list of credits include winning a Best independent Game of 2005 for his gameStar Chamber, Art Director Kieran Yanner, and additional team members from the established world of design and game development, all of whom have impressive credits from major industry leaders including Marvel, Disney, and Microsoft. Given their decades of experience and talent, Dire Wolf Digital is poised for success.

Keeping their headquarters in the Denver, Colorado area, Dire Wolf Digital has several projects already in the works. Currently the Dire Wolf team is working on their first major project since their public announcement today- a trading card style game based on an upcoming MMOG which we should see sometime in 2011. Their focus will be on social gaming and online strategy games that promise to offer “anytime, anywhere” style gaming that will be delivered across multiple platforms including social media, console, and mobile gaming all connected to a single, streamlined backend.

Describing themselves as “a one-stop design and development studio for companies looking to extend their brands and create synergies with collectible gaming in their communities,” the folks at Dire Wolf Digital have big plans for their venture and if successful they could bridge a gap between collectible gaming and traditional online platforms for a new style of social gaming. It is a promising goal that could help to make Dire Wolf Digital a name to remember in the coming years.