The thread was meant to be: A Little Learnin' Is A Dangerous Thing
Hi everyone. I'm Joe Hayes a retired attorney who, in the last two years, has moved to Mexico from Del Mar, California. I live with my adult son who's not only my only son but is also my best friend. We're in Playas de Tijuana about a half hour South of Tijuana. It's beautiful and very inexpensive compared to San Diego County to the North.

My main interest is music with emphasis on classic jazz and American Pop from the twenties through the seventies unless you count Dylan and the STones who're still rockin'. In jazz I spend a lot of time writing and reviewing the giant jazzmen of the past and have articles and essays posted all over the internet. Stan Kenton, Art Pepper, Clifford Brown, Chet Baker, Charles Mingus and all that good stuff in jazz and Tony Bennett, Sinatra, Mathis, Eydie Gorme, Doris Day, etc. I also love reading, with the surf as a background, with favorites and many rereads of William Faulkner, Ernie Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Erica Jong, and on and on.

I grew up in Orange County, California (The O.C., gulp) and then attended Westlake College of Modern American Music (jazz) in Hollywood for a year, then on to The University of Tennessee at Knoxville where I was born. I was in the private sector until about twenty years ago when after being laid off from The Chrysler Motors Corp., North American Operations, Dodge Division (big name still went BK) I started law school at Western States University School of Law., now known as Thomas Jefferson School of Law. I was fortunate to weasel my way into a good partnership and took part in some really high profile cases.

I've also been fortunate enough to be a professional drag racer and drove the factory experimental funny car, The Harbor Hemi back in the mid-sixties; had four or five commercial radio programs over the years working on the number one station in San Diego for two years.

To paraphrase the Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip it's been," but I'm not ready to quit yet friends. My grandfather made it to 86 and I hope to break his record. And, oh...I got online about ten to twelve years ago with that old joke Web TV...funny, what goes around comes around. Now everybody wants their PCs or Macs to be on their TV screens.


Prefetch dump, SpyBot and SpyWareDoctor seem to have done something right. I'm still working on it but it looks better. Ouch! the thought just came to me, could The Bug be backed up in my Carbonite account?

Helpless in Chip Land

What brings me to his site? Seems like an odd question...thought I made that clear in my original post. Apparently my PC is infected with some sort of virus. As a matter of fact after letting it sit overnight, when I signed on to my Administer account this morning the tool bar on my desk top is completely black (after the PC seemed to be running better when I turned it off last evening). Spyware Doctor seemed to do some good as did SpyBot and cleaning up things but now I think I'm back to square one.

May I ask what brings you to this site?


I'm sorry I don't think I read your original post.... I came here to find help with a programming assignment. I saw that it was a friendly place so I signed up.
About your problem. If it's spyware you may need to clean it out in 'safe mode'. When you boot the computer, after the Bios screen, hit the F8 button several times to get you to the menu then select 'Boot to Safe Mode'. Once you get into 'Safe Mode' run the spyware cleaners again. You may want to run a virus scan too.
If this is a virus the best thing to do is start over. I would suggest saving as much data as you can and reinstall the OS.
If it's from your data storage you will be come infected again. I don't know if you can e-mail them or you may have to find the infection on your own.
I hope this was helpful

Yeah, King I'm readin' you loud and clear but unfortunately I've tried all the things you discuss with one exception...I'm not sure it's fixed anything but my PC seems to be running better. Here's the deal: I was at my wit's end and just surfing around and found that ESET/NOD32 has a new free CS Trojan removal tool. Here's what a review on Major Geeks says: This program cleans Agent.CS trojans from infected systems.

"The program is really straightforward and it detects and cleans in a very easy way a trojan that is quite difficult to remove without the help of a dedicated application." I downloaded it and after about three minutes the tool announced it had found and removed a CS Trojan. It was late so I was tired of fooling with it but did some things and it all works much better. I have great respect for NOD32 from ESET but after the trial of their program I attempted to purchase it from them for something like $30 or $40. As soon as I entered my CC number they hit me for two mobile anti=virus programs and one for my network. Thing is I have no need for mobile anti-virus and no network. Plus they put a hold on my card, just as Amazon, etc., does, for over two times the amount of the purchase and blamed the bank for not crediting the money back. I knew the bank in this case and it took me ten days to get my money back and let them keep their NOD 32. I may try to buy it again on a debit card just so I can control the money better. Now I"m using Avast and Threat Fire which prefers to work with an antivirus. Do you know anything about Threat Fire. It's kind of a mystery to me but sure seems active. It came from CNET so I'm sure it's clean. Thanks again...I may get back to you. Have a great weekend.