Please help me to create a program that will demonstrate the following using an array......
1.Adding of objects
2.Deleting of objects
3.Updating of objects
4.Displaying of objects..
An interactive program using console/gui...
thanks...hope you can help me...just send the code, please help me....

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Is the array your teacher asks you to create a type of Object, or a concrete type defined by you, or a primitive data type?
If an object is added, is it added before the first element or after the last element, or somewhere expected?
Please provide certain specification.


Actually im also confused about this..yes it is about an array , the program using console/gui...just add me in yahoo <<snip>> its all about array..adding,deleting updating diplaying of objects...i hope you can help me.please do help me....

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probably this forum users won't do for you your homework. forum is for asking hints or suggestions for your already written code if you're stuck there somewhere in your code or get some error.
firstly you should write some code yourself and if you're stuck somewhere then come here with your code and tell where is the problem exactly

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