Thanks, Yahoo, You Did the Right Thing

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It looks like Yahoo has reinstated the Linux/Open Source link on their Tech News page. Perhaps it was just a fat-fingered mistake or an accident of some sort that the link was removed from the main link bar but it certainly raised my hackles. And, frankly, my hackles don't need raising over something like this. But, they've put it back in a different location (not a big deal) but at least they've put it back. And, for those of you who either believe that it never left or that my eyesight is somehow to blame, I have screen shots for you.

This is the screenshot on the day that I noticed the link missing. In its place is Social Media.

Here is today's snapshot of the same page that includes Social Media and Linux/Open Source. I do wish that I had an original screen shot of the site but, really, who'd have expected something like this to happen?

Whether the reinstatement was a result of my post, " Yahoo, What are You Thinking? " is of little importance. The real issue is that it's back. The post I was going to put up in response to this atrocity was, "Yahoo Loves Apple More Than Linux." And, in it, I was going to make multiple references to Mactards, one-button mice, Priuses (Prii?), sandals and rainbows. Plus the fact that Apple would be the only OS represented on the "Tech" page. Take out something that's really technical, like Linux and Open Source, and all you have left is, well, nonsense.

Thank goodness I didn't have to put us all through that.

I can't find enough good TV, alcohol or Linux applications to get those pictures out of my head. So, really Yahoo has saved me many hours of flipping channels, a trip to rehab and a command line meltdown.

Thanks, Yahoo, I owe you.

Please don't make any more mistakes like this. It's just too much for one Linux guy to handle.

All better now.

PasBern 0 Newbie Poster

Sadly, the same is not true for the German site of Yahoo ( I don't know whether the Linux/OpenSource link had ever been there in the the first place. Just checked, the same goes for the French site (

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

That is disturbing. Thanks for the note.

itsjareds 29 Junior Poster

Why is there what appears to be a Windows 98/2000/XP scrollbar on the screenshots if you're a Linux guy? Just curious.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

I took those from my wife's laptop to be sure that it wasn't some anomaly on my system related to my cache or cookie.

khakilang -3 Posting Pro in Training

It didn't happen here either. Every time I read Yahoo mail. It say that your operating was not tested. Now i try to switch to either hotmail or gmail.

PasBern 0 Newbie Poster

You can use Yahoo-Mail with Linux OS, I think it's more of a browser thing that they give you this message. I can understand that you may want to switch to Googlemail or any other service when using webmail. Yahoo-Mail pretty much sucks as the webmail interface is concerned. Personally I prefer using an email client on my Linux OS thus I can encrypt my messages. Googlemail's IMAP-feature (mails and settings are stored server-side - which makes encryption all the more important. Besides if you read the user agreement [or whatever that is called] carefully, Google reserves for itself the right to use the content of your mails and the patents&ideas from it for its own purposes that is they become Google's intellectual property!) is quite nice for that as it is free. But it has some minor issues and bugs, but that is Google's fault. I heard that Hotmail now lets you send mails as big as 10GB, it's hard to believe though. And who would want to do that anyway? That would take quite some time to encrypt and most peoples' mail accounts won't accept mails that big.

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