Hii all,

This is Abdullah from Turkey. I study electrical and electronics engineering. I can use C,C++,and C#, my favorite is C#. And I know a bit ASP.NET. Besides, I am interested in robotics, pic programming. I know Pic Basic and Pic Assembly, I love to use Pic Assembly more. I want to learn developing digital image processing projects, unfortunately do not know nearly anything about it :):(:'( want to learn developing simulation projects, actually I do not know much about simulation too, unfortunately.
But If you are interested in simulation , you can use XNA's libraries, or DirectX.

In digital image processing, as far as I saw, generally , MATLAB is used, but I guess we cannot create executable files with MATLAB, so , and since I want to use image processing in ,maybe, robotics and differrent branches, I would rather use C#, at least I love C# more. By the way, I do not know if we can create projects with MATLAB for robotics or similar things.

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