Hii all,

This is Abdullah from Turkey. I study electrical and electronics engineering. I can use C,C++,and C#, my favorite is C#. And I know a bit ASP.NET. Besides, I am interested in robotics, pic programming. I know Pic Basic and Pic Assembly, I love to use Pic Assembly more. I want to learn developing digital image processing projects, unfortunately do not know nearly anything about it :):(:'( want to learn developing simulation projects, actually I do not know much about simulation too, unfortunately.
But If you are interested in simulation , you can use XNA's libraries, or DirectX.

In digital image processing, as far as I saw, generally , MATLAB is used, but I guess we cannot create executable files with MATLAB, so , and since I want to use image processing in ,maybe, robotics and differrent branches, I would rather use C#, at least I love C# more. By the way, I do not know if we can create projects with MATLAB for robotics or similar things.

Take care,

You are welcome to this forum ane hope you learn alot from it.

Hi Adbullab, welcome in this forum, hope you enjoy with us

Welcome, Abdullah!