Hi all Howard Here, Im an oldtimer so to speak ive been in this business and i call the business of the web this business all aspects of it since 1996.
I currently run and own a little over 2300 plus websites running from a christian bookstore to adult websites, and a little in between.
I also have a Turnkey Design company with 6 employees who build total turnkey solutions,for all sorts of websites.
We also offer traffic solutions and thats not buying and selling traffic its building on a website with gateway/doorway pages, getting those same on the various search engines across the globe and thus helping the website owner make the all desired mighty dollar.
And Some Great Hosting at Great Prices
Other then that im an old hillbilly boy from GA, and i love my budwiser and sweet hillbilly redneck women.
One thing ill say to new people in the Business is to Keep it simple surfers will not hang around long when a page flashes the hell outa them and sings to them when they are looking to purchase some product they will leave and be on the way to a site that loads quick and is easy to navigate.

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