Hello all, I am a Computer Engineer, fresh off graduation, and I would like to educate myself on a broad range of technological fields and aspects. I am the kind of person who is easily distracted while reading from a screen, and so I would like to ask fellow daniweb members about the best books for computer related topics. I consider my level to be intermediate in some fields, and beginner in others.
Some books are de facto standards in a certain technology field, others can be classified as Hidden Gems, while others are Interesting Reads (like GUI Bloopers). Therefore, I would love to hear what is everybody's book recommendation in the following fields:

- Programming (C++, C# and Java)
- Secure coding
- Networking
- Electronics (design and simulation)
- Security (attacks and countermeasures)
- Web development (especially Ruby and Perl)
- Unix systems
- Win32 development
- Databases
- Computer Architecture
- Infrastructure (Think national level)
- Computer industry business management

These are my desired topics for the next 8 months or so, and I would like to immerse myself into said topics in different methods.
So what do you think is the best book for aforementioned categories in terms of being a (de facto standard/ Hidden Gem/ Interesting Read)?

Thanks in advance!

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For C++, I'm finding Professional C++ (Solter & Kleper) to be a pretty interesting read. I'm learning a decent amount about the language that I didn't learn in school.

The Essentials of Computer Organization & Architecture (Null & Lobur) is pretty good.

Design Patterns (Gamma, et al.) is an excellent and, if not mistaken, the industry standard on, well, design patterns.

I haven't read it yet, but I've heard nothing but good things on Hacking: The Art of Explotation (Erickson) is a fantastic first book on security.

Thanks for the input, everyone! Very helpful. Makes me drool.

Now, if only I can get some book suggestions for things other than programming... (There is a reason I added Electronics in the categories above!)