Hi there everyone,

Well I actually am posting this after having posted help requests, but better late than never I guess.

So about me hey?
I am a 20 year-old, 2nd year student at Bournemouth University reading Forensic Computing & Security.

I work with several companies as their webmaster, and am currently working on developing one of them (hence my cries for help!)

I am the welfare officer for my local youth football club. I also work with several local charities.

I do some videography work in my 'spare' time.

I am hoping to join the Royal Marines after university.

Well I think that just about covers the bases, feel free to drop me a message to ask anything else.


Ed Rogers

Hey, welcome to daniweb. How are you finding Bournemouth? Quite a number of my old college-friends went thier, i considered doing Computing there myself (but went to Dundee instead)

You missed out on the great Bournemouth night-life to go to Dundee??? Ah well, I guess some people have to go there to keep the numbers up....I jest of course.

Bournemouth is a great uni, and one of only five, I think, universities in the country to offer my course.

I actually live in the area anyway, so live at home which is a bonus, considering how much student life costs (and I'm certainly not out partying much!)