i am taking software project management class in this semester..and now i have to give the project ....on E-Mail Management System like hotmail,gmail...
the thing is that i am making my own mail system and i need server and other thing for that...
the problem i am faceing is that i dont know where to start and what kind of server and hardware and software i am going to need ...

i just need help on project that how to start..what thing i will need ...what will be the cost and how much time it will take..how to implement it and deployment and future graduation...

i have attach the file so far what i have done....

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i cannot open your information because i am just using Microsoft Office 2003. i am a trainee for a company. so, i just do for online e-leave management system debug error. the system was built from the last trainee. so, after i see the project, basicly, they do the ERD and DFD first. who will use it, how it can be function, and others. but the first thing you must do is , find the problem statement, project objective and project scope. you must choose the right tool, meaning what type of software you want to use, what programming language/script that you want to use, and web browser. you must schedule your work carefully. is just that i can help.

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