... oh yes, I remember owning an Osborne 'carry-on suitcase' computer. It was the first commercial portable computer made. Had that real tiny screen in the center.

To change the subject a little, we were amazed by how nice a 240x144 dpi "near letter quality" dot matrix printer printed compared to the 60 dpi. But it required two passes at 240x72 each.

You would be really old if you drove one of those. My dad had one and kept it for many years. It had a front-end like Madonna, with two rather large cones sticking out. I am talking about a 1955 Buick.

In my case you are old when you remember Madonna!

dimming the lights with your foot.

... there is nothing left to learn the hard way!

... you are at an age where your back goes out more than you do.

Actually, to me, old age is always 20 years older than I am.

Always be busy doing something when your kids are around. And make sure they have some chores to do too. Because one day they might be your care-givers, and you don't want a bunch of lazy people for your care-givers...Red Green

When you always tell stories that start with: "In those days"

>>At 19, you're WWWWAAAAYYYYY too young to say "Back in my day...".

It was just a saying. I don't literally say it. Although I do reminiscent about
my childhood where I had no responsibility.

Funny enough, when you're 19, you find out that u cant just say it because you would look stupid and that's why all you can do is flash back in your mind. Once you find yourself saying it, then you are naturally old

If you remember that slot-car racing was big enough that there were 'professional' races with big money prizes and towns as small as 2500 people had a slot-car track. People would spend hundreds of dollars getting their car ready for competition. One of the more interesting tricks was to soak the rubber drive wheels in alcohol which softened them and they had better traction. I think a combination of Pong, computers, and PacMan killed them off.

When you see some guys flirting a bunch of girls.

You're tired a saturday night to party!

While in Paris, you go to bed at 9:00 in the evening.

While in Paris, you go to bed at 9:00 in the evening.

That applies here in USA too :)

When you see no more old women around you.

When you see no more old women around you.

LOL :) :) :)All the old women are dead.

Let's have a take on this after a long while:

...when you think that phone has wire to the wall and it is for talking to others.

Your eldest daughter goes into labour with your FOURTH grandchild (and you are not even 50 yet but feel about 75) - woke me up by text message at 5.20am to let me know the contractions had started... <yawn>

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Everything is on the Murtaugh List.

Whe you remember when you had to wait for an elevator with 15 other people and if you missed it, it was a 15 minute wait for another.

You know what a dial-tone is.

You know you're old when you start writing a bucket list.

You know you are old when a student wants to interview you as part of a piece about 'Internet history' and you realise it's becuase you were there at the time.

You know you're old when you start reading threads about when you know you are old!

...the candles cost more than the cake.

When happy hour is a nap

you know when your old when u can rememeber the launch date for windows 98- 11-17-1997...lol

Ooh, ooh - you know you are old if you have a small pox scar on your left shoulder - that is the great generational divide.