This is cool. Do this towards the end of the month.
Did you know about the *2 feature? Yeah, this little baby can save you $10 a month on your bill. All you have to do is to dial *2 and press talk. (If the voice says that you need to have an upgrade, take it. It costs nothing to get) You will hear 'Press 1 for English 2 for Spanish' Select your language and listen to 'Clair'. This is just an automated machine. Wait about 3 seconds and say (into the phone) 'CREDIT FOR DROPPED CALLS' Then 'Clair' will say something like this:

'Got it! Credit for a dropped call. Please hold while we retrieve your account information. We apologize for this inconvience. Your account has been adjusted for 1 minute of courtesy time at the highest local airtime rate.' When this is done, just wait for her to say 'How can I help you?' again and repeat the process. DO this 20 times and it saves you 10 bucks a month off your bill. If you have more than one phone, have all your phones take 10 off. We have 5 phones, so that takes $50 off our bill each month!

Also, did you know that if you have a 2 year contract with Sprint, you are eligiable for an upgrade? I'm not sure what that means, but I know that it is cool.

But I just thought that some people who have Sprint might like to know about things like this that can save them money.

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It works! I´m not sure what kind of credit I´m getting but they say they are giving me a credit...I´ll see when I get the bill...

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