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New examples of statements based on student dissertations, two of which were unpublished.

It's not like it's the first time either. Remember this one? That turned out so well in the end didn't it :icon_rolleyes:

that much of the work had been plagiarised from various unattributed sources.

Did I say end? Oh silly me, there will be no end to this fiasco.

What does seem to be common between them is the "sod the evidence, we know we're right because..." attitude of those publishing this propaganda.

Climate change isn't science, it's economics.
The first reason it's economics is that it's based on a whole mass of numbers(*) of dubious quality. Everybody and his dog has an opinion on what they all "might" mean, but essentially everyone is clueless in the long run.
The big advantage for CC "scientists" is that it might take 20 years before someone finally figures out that they're a charlatan. But hey, it won't matter by then, they've had one hell of a ride on the gravy train. Traditional economists are envious of this. It normally takes only a few years to discover that they've been blowing it out of their asses.

The second reason it's economics is that it gives governments an excellent "fear" stick to beat the populous with, and at the same time fleece them for more taxes.

Not to mention all the crooks moving in to "trade" carbon credits.
If your task was to design a system which was so easy to defraud, then you would be hard pushed to make it better than this.

(*) recall that traditional economics looks at the collective tea leaves known as "money supply", "employment rates", "trade balance" and a whole range of other statistical "measurements".

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If your task was to design a system which was so easy to defraud, then you would be hard pushed to make it better than this.

UN oil for food program comes to mind?

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Nice, that's a good one as well :)
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