Well, i am doing this because i think i should introduce finally.
So i am
Paul Thompson
16 years old
I live in Newcastle Australia

Probably the coolest thing that has happened in my life is that i lived on a boat for 3 years sailing up and down the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays.

My interests revolve around my love for learning. I do gymnastics, not seriously, just for fun. I do piano and have been doing so for the past decade. I like to sail, kayak, surf and go camping, bushwalking and drama.
I go to an academically selective school where i did my first uni course, achieving a distinction in first year chemistry.

My background in programming is very little, i started programming 2 and a bit years ago when i did a google search for an assignment for school about hackers. In the article it was talking about programming languages that are used by these hackers and it mentioned python. I downloaded it and started learning instantly. Never was interested in hacking though :P

From there i have had a go at a few other languages, completing a university course in Java and getting a High Distinction as well as C, C++, C#, perl, ruby and javascript.

And thats me :)

Welcome to Daniweb Paul; looking forward to your...

Oh wait, you already have more than 1000 posts! ;-)

Hard to believe that you're only 16. You've accomplished quite a lot .. I look forward to continuing to see you around the site!