can u guys gimme sum ideas on wat project can be done?i am required to do a program and a thesis about it... My interests are in IT Security, Computer Security, Cryptography and creating normal programs. I am really unsure on wat prjoect should i do? wat program should i write..i know c++,java,vb html and very little knowledge on php.. :confused:

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What do you think about a private data transmission protocol, at application level: so it IS really indipendent from whatsoever underlayers (portability depends on your programming platform): lets say to manage sensibile data (something like computed votes or marketing preferences collected all around ect .... you must care to perfom a generic container for costumers: that is going to be the only user interface) to send them from many clients to a net of servers??? .....


hello guys pliz help me to get a topic for a it project that i can for my degree

commented: How about "reading", so you don't dig up 5 year old threads with no answers, with some pithy crap "ME TOO!!!!" bumpage. +0

Need project idea? biggest collection of opens source projects from which you can get idea for sure.

Thread close, no need to call upon ghosts.

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