Hi guys....im newbie here. :)


Hi and welcome to the Daniweb forums :). It is good to have you here.

thanks for the warm welcome guys, i really appreciate it. :confused:

Hey bisayaOnline. Welcome!!

hi and a big warm welcome to you :cool: welcome to the daniwweb community. will you pleas tell us more about yourself and about your country. i guess from where ia m we are prtty near. :rolleyes: :D

thanks guys.

im kurt 24yrs old... i like computers and music, infact im into sound editing/mixing using softwares for audio.


where u from anastacia?

hi again so you wanna know from where ia m . well you can view my thread in the same forum entitled hello from Mauritus have you ever heard of it ????

an y way from that thread you can tell us more about your country and how life over there :lol: :cool: :rolleyes:

Im bisaya too! Bisaya are the best Pinoys ever! Even though we are called "bisaya"

To all who don't know what bisaya is, Bisaya is the local term for Visayan, people living in the middle and south of the Philippine Archipelago. Just think of it as people living in South America, though in the American continent but more popularly called as Latin Americans.

Tagalog is the most used dialect here but most of the population are natural Bisaya.

No "leet speek" please and check the date of the thread before you post. This one is over two yeasr old.

lol.. I guess he is communicating in Filipino !

sorry for that.

to all "bisaya" im also "bisaya" bcoz my parents is from capiz "aswan"

can any one help me to know all "pinoy" here