I'm currently retraining back into IT. I started in IT in 1981 but gradually moved into project management and then into marketing. Current dearth of marketing work caused me to come up with a Plan B (which is rapidly becoming Plan A). I've spent a lot of the past 6 months swotting up on all the new things that have turned up since I moved away form IT, like the internet.

I've found it surprisingly easy. I suppose this is partly because I have always used some of my programming skills over the intervening years and once you've found a programming technique that works for you, like riding a bike, you don't forget. The one massive difference is how easy it is now to get help. A quick internet search can solve a problem in minutes that in the old days could have taken weeks to sort out.

I'm working on a new website for a club my children are in and am about to start a CIW course to get something formal under my belt.

hope everyone is working



welcome! and welcome back! :)