Facebook users are not known to be the smartest people on the intarweb, but that they were this stupid surprised even me:


*sigh* I'd love to say this is a surprise, but I'd be lying if I did. With the amount of phishing scams that go on with Facebook, it makes me wonder how this country ever accomplished anything with (what seems to be) the average person being such a frickin' moron.


the internet died the day the number of .COM sites outnumbered the number of .EDU site.

i've already mourned and moved on.

Are they still working on that supposed Internet 2 so that they can have another international network for research? I heard something of the sort from a networking teacher a couple years ago. By Internet 2, I don't mean web2.0.

The Internet is one tool that allows you to show to a large audience that you are not very smart!

There are people who think 'www' (the web) is the internet - the internet was declared dead Sept. 1992 when all the university students discovered usenet.

Others claim that it died when CVC added Windoze 3.0 to their support in 1993 and became AOL.

Almost everyone claims the internet should have been closed right after they found it.