Hey people,
i just installed ubuntu 7.10 on a latitude d610 and i am trying to get kismet on it. i installed it, but i get an error in the config file at the line where i choose my driver and hardware source... i currently have
source= ipw2200,eth1,kismet
is there something wrong with that? im pretty sure my wireless card uses ipw2200 and is on eth1. any suggestions? oh and i can see wireless networks without kismet, so it is something in the config file.\
the error is
Support for capture source type 'ipw2200' was not built.
do i need to install some driver? i did got a driver from a site listed in the readme file but i do not see why i should have to install it if my wireless card works without kismet. If i need to install it how would i do it?

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from what I understand of it, you need to install a patched driver to put your card into promiscuous mode. once in prmsc. mode, as long as kismet supports your drivers, you can packet sniff to your hearts content.

Thanks, i fixed this a while ago though... but i dont remember what i did

a little question here. I'm kind of new to the sniffing game, and I'm trying to learn everything I can. I recently installed the latest Ubuntu on a VMWare virtual drive, yet I'm having a little problem with the new Linux learning curve. I don't really know how to compile Kismet, or any other file really. And even if they are compiled already, I'm having a hard time running them with success. I figured out that I should probably enable whatever I want to run as an executable, but I'm still a little baffled. Can anyone help me with some examples? If it's possible to give an idiot-proof example of how I would install a program such as this, or even this program in fact, it would be a great help. I'm a smart person, I just need a beginning example from somewhere so that I can begin to learn how to work Linux. I'm teaching myself here, and a little bump in the right direction will probably get me going well.

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