Hi all,

I thought I would do the right thing and introduce myself.

My name is Martin, I am getting old in the tooth at 42 and thoroughly enjoying the process. I like a wide range of music, from pop to classical but do enjoy a bit of JAM and the Sex Pistols.

I was into programming when I was 15 (BASIC and the older 8 bit assembly programming on a range of 8 bit computer), it got rather expensive around about the Amiga age, books, compilers etc. I therefore got into electronics as a hobby for about 15 years, I had to learn myself some maths (I could just about manage multiplication when I was 20) during night turns just to keep up with that.

I got back into computers about 8 years ago after a long absence from them. I was a computer technician for a short while, can repair/build and network computers.

I am now an NVQ Assessor and tutor, have taught computer hardware programmes, computer user programmes and maths.

I do sometimes enjoy cooking but most of the time it's like a chore, though I can bake my own bread and make pasta from scratch. Four kids and two grandchildren, 'hello Callum and Hanna' if you ever read this. I'd better mention I'm married, just in-case.

I am currently learning C using CodeBlocks and GCC/Vim (when on the train using a eee 701). I was introduced to Linux by one of my students and absolutely love it, that and OpenSource. God bless Richard Stallman. I am still a beginner at C, the learning curve isn't a curve at all, it just keeps on going up.

Anyway, I read more on the forums than reply, my knowledge and experience isn't that profound at the minute.

I really enjoy the posts from students who need help, they are more at my level of programming. I also find the blatant 'Do my homework', really entertaining, plus the 'my teacher is rubbish' so much a belly laugh, I hope they never get phased out. In fact I would really appreciate people making these up and sending them in.

This was going to be a 'hello', 'goodbye' but as you can tell I waffle a lot.



interesting read. thanks, Martin, and welcome. Pop on by the C Forums when you feel like it. we have a special tag "gimmetehcodez" for those homework-seeking posts you enjoy.