Hello everyone! My name is Chris. I am a student at Indiana University, Computer Science Major, and loving every minute of it! Currently I am learning to read and write programs in VB. My next semester is C++. I have looked around at all the posts on this site and I like what people are talking about, and I like how they talk about it. I am not here looking for the answers to assignments, but I do like the idea of brainstorming or discussing with others their ideas on a program. I want to learn how to do what i'm doing, not look for quick answers. I have also found fascinating the idea that there is no one way to write a program. Some ways maybe more efficient than others, but you learn from yourself and others, which makes your style unique from the rest.

See everyone in the forums!

Welcome to daniweb Chris. Look forward to see your post in C and C++ forum.

By the way, One of my brother study at Indiana University too. He is Ph.D candidate there.

Welcome to the forum, Chris! Nice to see you here!