Hello everyone! My name is Chris. I am a student at Indiana University, Computer Science Major, and loving every minute of it! Currently I am learning to read and write programs in VB. My next semester is C++. I have looked around at all the posts on this site and I like what people are talking about, and I like how they talk about it. I am not here looking for the answers to assignments, but I do like the idea of brainstorming or discussing with others their ideas on a program. I want to learn how to do what i'm doing, not look for quick answers. I have also found fascinating the idea that there is no one way to write a program. Some ways maybe more efficient than others, but you learn from yourself and others, which makes your style unique from the rest.

See everyone in the forums!

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Welcome to daniweb Chris. Look forward to see your post in C and C++ forum.

By the way, One of my brother study at Indiana University too. He is Ph.D candidate there.

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