I am a senior computer science student who is about to graduate. However, I have not had that much of an experience working with IT stuff other than what I did in classes. I feel really lost now, and very scared leaving academics without getting my hands dirty in any real life IT experience. I have been searching for internships, or part time jobs, anything that would help me gain experience, but no success yet. :'(

I decided to join this forum to be around geeks like you. I hope you will help me figure out what I should do next now, and what are the best resources for me.

I am more interested into stuff like Google where high tech came into a place in creative ways to ease the life of people.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and I go to Portland State university.

new job student looking lost scared experience senior computer science

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Thank you!
What do you mean "i am very happy to see you."? Do you go to Portland State too?



I donot stay in Portland State, but I would be happy to help you...Please let me know your interest. You can contact me at [email snipped]



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