So I am new here, but certainly not new to programming. I saw an article on the elevator infoscreen about how Microsoft was worried about the shift to portable interactive touchscreen computing, and I don't think they ever understood that the computers should be educated in how to work with humans, not humans educated in how to work computers.
Now with the advent of the Iphone, they are afraid the future may belong to Mac.
What they don't realize is that, though Apple implements a great philosophy and easy to use, it has an achillies heel. There will always be those who want to create without limits and modify without copyright violation. You have to jailbreak an iphone to get it to work on other systems and with other software, that is violating the copyright and device usage agreement with apple. An android on the other hand can be modded almost out of the box, what is more, an android will run FLASH without complaint.
Being a multimedia author for an educational company, I was sure that there would have been some crack in the "NO FLASH" armour from apple. There were rumours that someone had flash running on an Ipad... and that could save my job.
Why not just allow us to make up our own minds about flash... Apple?
Allow / Disallow flash content?
As to microsoft's worry that they will lose the stranglehold on the world they now have, no worries... I have tossed my playstation3 and my wii and have stuck with the xbox 360.. it just works best for my family. With the media server and the online gaming and the movies and the backwards compatability and the imminent demise of Blueray... don't say I didn't warn you!.
Everyone will have a 360... and the world will belong to Bill Gates again.
But I suppose I should just limp back to my PDP11 and shut the heck up.
Maybe play with Povray or Blender till my brain falls out.

woodrobot, Bill Gates doesn't work at Microsoft anymore.

Just Like Sony was Playstation of its time, and now its 360 (Very debatable)

Noone has seen the future, and Microsoft follows a very different Philosophy, They prefer to make the software and let the Hardware vendors do what they do.

Microsoft doesn't sell computers they sell Software. Android, Maemo, and the Linux flavours follow the same philosophy but give it for free.

Apple gives the whole package. They make money on the hardware, and the software. Personally I don't like their tactics but everyone is gaga over their products so I can't really say anything.

Nokia was the pioneer in Mobile technology, hell not even it was DoCoMo they had the stuff that IPhone boasts years ago.

What Apple does get props for is Marketing. Ingenious Marketing.