As you would know there is this particular game called stress buster-desktop destroyer.This was originally coded in a programming tool called PETER SYSTEM is there any other alternative to code similar hasslefree applications?

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Welcome to the forums redhaze, You do realize this is the wrong zone.

well I will help you as you are new here.

I presume you are talking about http://www.gemtree.com/peter.htm

There is a Lite Version which you may use.
Just to clarify are you looking for a programming language? or a Conveter?

If you are looking for a Converter sorry, as far as I know there is none. If you are looking for a GUI based Programming Language.

I would recommend VB.net and C#, but not to make games.

Maybe Flash is the way to go for you.

P.S. I can't find any game called stress buster-desktop destroyer could you please provide a link

Once again welcome to the forums


hello Finito!

yes i did realize it was the wrong place to post and i did post in the game development zone again.

well it is the same thing im speaking about and its a programming language or an editor is what im interested in.

you can find the game here

as you would notice after dling it,its a game which creates an image of the desktop and does all the things on top of it.i wanted something similar with nice mouse interfacing too.with vb and csharp i do not have too many hopes of achieving this.

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Well if you are a programmer who wishes to program this game the best option is to do it in C++. If you know onl how to use Peter System what is wrong with that keep using it. It is still supported.

The Link is dead.

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