hey ppl...
this question may sound cliched..
but plzz help!!
gimme some ideas for a project in software engineering..

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What is (are) your area(s) of interest?

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And which programming language?

And which programming language?

That consideration should probably be made after the project is decided upon, and if the task of learning the language ends up being preventitive to finishing the project then you'll need to choose a different project.

hi ,I think u select a project in which u design tool to design SRS ...user give thire requirment and description and ur tool according that create a SRS ... what u think about it ....and its upto u to select language like .net or java ...

i did a GIS project for my final softwre eng. project.
check out ALOV.org. it's open source and u can embed it in php code. think real estate.
or even something like google maps. you could get census data free from your geography dept. professors,(they love CS majors to talk mapping with) and plot that and other stuff. tada done.

yo fellas, they asked for project ideas, not mindless drivvle. languages are like hats if your a COMPUTER SCIENTIST. read the API and go code.

i have a software engineering project titled: Design and implment a GSM billing system in PHP
I would really love some help with this


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i have to submit my final year project proposal for software engineering.
i dont have any idea about that.
if you anyone can help me...???

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