Hello, my name is Sharon - and I am a lurker. I search for posted topics to pilfer the best answers and save my computer from a grizzly death (usually just saving my head after beating in on a brick wall several times - but I am used to that after dealing with management). After so many helpful answers that have improved my skills to that of knowing enough to be dangerous - I figured I would say hello, and prevent any of the posters from being victims of my newbie coding wake.

And now... the traditional questionnaire - I shall try and answer seriously (NOT)

Name: Sharon
Nickname: depends on who you ask and when you ask them
Height: 5'7''
Wait: usually 1-2 weeks for an answer from management
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: TX
Age: 40
Hobbies: Drawing (when I sit down for it), painting (same as drawing), Photoshop images for fun (need to post what I did to one poor guy's truck - he was so proud of it .. until), collecting anime when I get the chance, paying bills (oh wait... )

Relationship Status: Happily Single

Fav Music: most anything that is not country or rap

Education: Graphic Design, Stolen knowledge from DaniWeb (did I type that outloud?), MBA (yes, Designer with MBA - be afraid)

Work: freelance graphics (some web), and a J.O.B. (Just over broke) as a Graphic Director (fancy title)

Favorite Food: Chocolate, pizza, good Mexican food (have to have the Margaritas with it of course), Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, most veggies (not broccoli or Brussel sprouts.. )

Favorite Movies: Matrix, Shrek (I know, makes a lot of sense there), Ghost in the Shell, The Devil Wears Prada, Xmen series (of movies), and more I will remember as soon as I hit "post"

Favorite TV Shows: oh wow, TV - I really miss Babylon 5, Star Trek (TNG), I guess I can include the cartoons - Dexters Lab, Pinky and the Brain, Finneus & Ferb (sp?- not up to googling it atm).

Stuff you Dislike: Management asking "is it done yet?" after just giving me the file (yeah, sure - let me get my time machine... ), people who don't know the difference between designing and developing for a website (like I said, I only know enough to be dangerous on the coding end - but can design well for it. When given the time - see dislike 1), semi-trucks (work near truck stop - after a while, dealing with semi's gets old), whoever the person was that pushed that shopping cart in my car and left the dent.

That's it, and now - back to the freelance I have been procrastinating.

Heya macgurl :) Seen you around the forums, you've got some of the most detailed and insightful posts I've seen. Glad to have you here.

Hi Sharon, nice to meet you :D


Thanks Lusipher - but I know I will be asking a ton of questions soon, thanks to a project at work. Still figuring out a lot of the coding :)

HI! Mace

lol heyas bob... just put @$$ at the end of that and you probably have a closer description. But thank you.

Hi, Sharon.

Welcome to Daniweb; glad you joined.

Excellent, thorough, introduction. It is always good to learn a little about new members instead of just reading a generic, "Hello, I am new here." introduction.

Heyas DavidB - nice to meet you :) and thanks.