I want too choose among c++ + qt + php and java for my programming language and platform please help me too choose best platform
I want to choose a platform that has this features : speed, portable
I am c++ programmer and familiar with java programming language
i want to choose java for my platform but my background for java programs that is they are not speed programs
i want to write programs for linux & windows and web( php or java jsp ) and mobile
witch is best for web programming( php or java jsp ) and programming for cloud computing and ajax programs?
witch is best for desktop programming ( c++ + qt or java )?
witch is best for mobile programms all platforms like android and windows mobile and symbian and blackberry and ...?
witch generate swift programms?
witch is appropriate for interprise applications?
if i want to write a download manager program i choose c++ + qt or java?
i want to port a fdm download manager to linux that fdm writes with c++ and windows librarys.
please help me to choose best platform for my ends.

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Please help me
please help me

For mobile you should use Java! For fast and useful programs use c++! for web php or html. I think the best language is C++!!!

yes i agree with GMmaxim7 C++ is a very language to lean and know. it has so much real life applications. From gaming, hardware/software etc etc. very useful.

Yes true. C++ would be very great. but it requires deep understanding and a high skill in programming.

It all depends on what you are looking for. Java has the best implementation of OOP, but requires the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to be installed for applications to work. It should be used for cross-OS programs or to server web content (JSP).
PHP is best suited for web applications since most of its features are targeted towards database and user interaction. It's my choice of language for dynamic web content (hence the name PhpMyCoder).
C++ is just a good language to know, period. It gives you, the developer, a lot of power and control over your applications, but sometimes requires you to define functionalities that other higer-level-languages might have by default. That said C++ has it's applications. You could use it for a Windows Program, but it wouldn't be my first choice for developing an online forum or blog. Also note, that C++ is very popular as pretty much every application has some part of it written in it or C.

i think refarding security wise Java is better one other than java is preferrable 4 al the rest of the progrms.better you check with your s/w version you downloaded.

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