I'm looking for some assistance here. I was not sure where to put this request exactly.

I am having a problem with my system that everytime I push the delete but it pulls up my task manager box. I don't know why it does this. but I have to reboot when it happens so the computer will work regularly again. Is there anyway to get this to stop doing this? It's becoming a nuisance. When I need to strike something, usually a text entry I highlight it and push delete most of the time until the task manager box comes up.
If anyone has a suggestion as to what I can do about this aside from shooting the computer please let me know.

Perhaps this should go into the Windows Section?

Hi The DJ

I had a google for fixes, then registry fixes, changing Shortcut keys in the registry... but found nothing.

Firstly go Control Panel - Regional and Language Options, then Language Tab - click Details. Check that the keyboard is English USA. (Doubt it would be anything but).

Check you have no shortcuts to task manager. Check in properties of any you find that "Del" has not been assigned.

There both pretty bad suggestions, but all I can think of. How long have you had this problem, just recently, or since you got it?