Hi my real name is Stephen.

My wife and I have started a business around the idea to simplifying the process and charging structure of web marketing visit us at SNIP

My apologies for the misunderstanding as per your request all I was trying to do was give a brief introduction to myself and the reason for joining www.daniweb.com hoping that other members may help me with problems with my web development now that I am in a diy mode.

Thank You.


Members are always happy to assist (from what I've seen) when others are in need with their coding, all that's usually asked in return is that you show some effort towards finding answers yourself before posting in the appropriate forums. That, and a brief perusal of the forum rules to keep people from jumping on those little mistakes here and there :twisted:

Welcome to DaniWeb and I hope to be able to answer some of your questions in the future (assuming they're in areas where my knowledge can come into play).

Hi Stephen, nice to meet you :D