Hello everyone from DanniWeb :)

My name is Quinn, I'm 16 years old and I'm on my last year of high school. I hope to get into Computer Science in college. After all of my schooling I hope I can work for Ubisoft Montreal as a Game Programmer.

I program mostly in C++ and sometimes in PHP and SQL. I hope I can make my own 2d RPG within the year or so, with a lot of practise I know I can do it, but I might need your help!

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Welcome Quinn.

I might suggest that when pursuing your post-secondary education you include some 3d graphics design, Direct3d/OpenGL, CompSci, and even marketing in your list of things to study.

I mention the above because if your goal is to work within the gaming industry and particularly with Ubisoft a strong background in 3d graphics will be beneficial. The marketing is simply to give you the ability to best market yourself when it comes time to hunt for work :)


Thank you very much Lusiphur, I never thought about getting into any 3d graphics design but I will try and see what I can get into. The marketing is a good idea as well. You were very helpful. :)

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