hello all,
I'm very new to forums and am pleased to find this one so welcoming! I'm just a beginner, I have a fairly good working knowledge of most of the adobe products and am working on becoming a web designer and being able to write applications like games and music players, etc. for my page and for mobile phones.
my most recent obsession is understanding code (AS3 mainly). And to that end I hope fellow forum users will be patient with me as I will probably be asking a lot of silly questions.

Welcome to Daniweb--where no questions asked sincerely by someone who wants to learn are considered silly.

i keep getting wrong password or login in message everytime i try to conect to ftp server. don't think it's them and it's doing it on all my sites. help!

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay :)

I am Josuya Bell from Canada.
Nice to see.

Hello Bad Rabbit, nice to meet you :)