Once upon a time a long long time ago, Daniweb helped me out when my old pc got a nasty trojan (maybe a worm, can't remember). The solution to that one was: get a new computer!

I'm hoping that this is the right forum to ask about a problem on the replacement pc!

Certain websites that I visit, cause my computer to 'freeze'. I don't have to reboot or anything, just close down the browser. Sometimes I can just click the X in the top right corner, sometimes I have to ctrl-alt-delete (it'll say 'not responding') and I have to close it from there.

After a few frustrating months of this, I realised that all the sites where it normally occurs are those which have Flash advertisements.

After another while, it got so annoying that I uninstalled 'adobe flash player activeX'. That sorted out the problem, but came with it's own nuisances, as alot of sites I visit like Youtube require it!

So I re-installed it, and the problem has come back.

I'm sure there is probably an easy solution to this, but as a complete dinosaur when it comes to knowing how technology works, I don't have a clue!

I have an unfounded suspicion that it may have something to do with my security software, mcafee.

Can anyone help? It'd be nice if I could somehow set up an on/off 'switch' for flash so that I can keep it off most of the time and browse normally, and then just click it on if i want to watch videos or something. (Rather than have to uninstall/re-install) Is that possible?

Thanks in advance,

I'm feeling guilty now cos I just read the queen's announcement above - no questions in here! Feel free to move this, anyone in charge!

That spear throwing game loaded and played just fine.....(without disabling mcafee)

Ok then,your embedded flash is working fine :)

I have found out that what is happening to my PC is called Application Hang. It only ever happens on sites with the Flash adverts though!

ok, give us an example of a site?

maybe it is the site in general and not ur machine

The reason I think it's my machine is that the sites where it regularly happens are biggies - for me, mainly hotmail, youtube, glastonbury festival forum. For the missus, asiana.com (airline company), hani.co.kr (korean newspaper), qvc.co.uk (shopping site)

(touch wood) I seem to have found a solution! If I start Internet Explorer without add-ons, the application hang doesn't seem to happen!

Which is great, but leaves me with the question - Why?

Add ons are stupid (Like toolbars) they just bog stuff down!

I have none on mine........

Glad you figured it out :)

I am totally new here and NOT techy at all, but here is what I know and I hope you all can help me???
I have windows XP Pro, and used to be able to watch yahoo news clips and UTube videos no problem. I cannot for the life of me remember what or how it all started going wrong, but one day I was informed that I needed to load Adobe Flash Player to watch a video...ok, I go to the site, load it, it says it has loaded sucesfully but the videos keep telling me I still need to load it. This has been goin gon for far too long..
yes, i have re-started my computer. I have clicked the little yellow drop down that askes about allowing this site to to install the active X...I say allow...it loads...blah blah blah. I have gone to the tools, security, set adobe.com as allowable site, changed settings to medium...just recently (after this started) renewed my Norton anti virus, thinking it would help and it hasnt. I have been told to go to spybot and adware (supposed free downloads for ???) do I really need to pay these people to load something I've never previously used? I think adware is now loaded and it came up with some cookies that were a problem so i just deleted (as I frequently do)them.

Also, when I go to the adobe support site it says you cant call them about this issue, so I try to write them, the window doesnt open enough to complete the form...no side bar or ability to expand...what the heck is going on??

PLEASE GIVE ME A CLUE!!! Thank you so much for your time


Thank you for your reply!! you are right, I could watch the first video link, but not the second. so I have scripts disabled? WHERE & HOW do I fix this?

Excellent :)

What browser are you running tracy??

I had the same problem with Adobe Flash Player when I installed it last night. I went to the website & did the Uninstall. However I am now plagued with popups with constant requests for me to reinstall. I know the fix is beyond me & have decided to not use or websites that need it until the problem's resolved. I was installing it on a mixed setup: Netflix Vista ME converted to XP, Win 200 with mostly 2003 software. I don't know what's causing the problem.

Welcome :)

After you uninstalled did you clean your registry? (Might be parts left over)

REGSEEKER will help you tidy your registry up (Best reg cleaner out there -- removed over 850 keys first time i used it)

Good luck!

Thanks Dude! I'm on my way to Hoverdesk site now. I suspect you are very right. It will be interesting to see how much mess it cleans up.

It does an excellent job :)

Good luck!

Excellent :)

What browser are you running tracy??

windows XP. I am still having trouble. removed any programs that had anything to do with video, loaded spybot and just got a bunch of pop-ups and hassel even though it may have done some good? I removed it too. I installed a registry cleaner, cleaned and removed it too. backed-up my files, removed all my picture, rebooted numberous times...still not actually loading. I have also diabled Norton while trying to load.

how do i fix the scripts?

You didnt tell me what browser your using you only said your os (Windows XP) Its slightly different between browsers how to do it :)

Example: Firefox you click TOOLS/OPTIONS/CONTENT and click "Enable Javascript" (This is for 1.5 might be the same for all other versions also)

For IE you goto INTERNET OPTIONS/SECURITY/CUSTOM and scroll down to "Active Scripting" and make sure its enabled :)

Good luck!

Hello Dude!

Actually I have both Explorer 6 and Firefox. I mostly use the Explorer however, but am able to access Java somewhat through IE, thanks to an update from Windows recently. However, tonight as I was getting ready to check some things out for a couple of hours, suddenly 2 spies came riding in on a Trojan. I started scanning and cleaning up the mess around 9PM and just wrapped it up at 3:45 AM and thought to check my mail.

Oh well, such is this planet full of worms, strange horses and deadly plagues, not to mention that everything always needs updating. But I got used to that a long time ago. Thanks for your help on that Adobe download fiasco. I'll be more conscientious to clean my registry more often.

Now this overly tired one is off to get the sorely needed rest for the rest of what's left of the night. Good thing it's a weekend!


I have been unable to download the new version of the adobe flash player. I have tried to download it, but get same error message each time.
"Failed to install.
For troubleshooting tips, please see http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_19166"

But this reference has not been helpful to me...
Any advice? Or is there somewhere else I should ask this question?
Thank you for all your time and effort it is greatly appreciated.