My self-esteem just deleveled :(

Thought I was decent - turns out I'm about 1% above par.

You're above par.

You're ABOVE par. No sh*t?! Surely this is a typo, surely you meant BELOW?

So...hang on... Are you saying that because you're 1% above par you're horribly inadequate as a programmer?

Or maybe an aptitude test you did says you're 1% above the average Joe... Therefore you're going to stop what you're doing and apply to for a job at Macky Dees?

Or maybe your star sign isn't in the house of Mercury so you're going to end up a failure?

Or how about you take (whatever test it was) with a pinch of salt.

Realise that half the nobody's on there who have an algorithm rating of 2300+ probably have no lives and memorise hundreds of routines.

Realise that your salt/worth as a programmer AND as a human being comes from the COUNTLESS number of MISTAKES you made and learnt from in your day to day life.

Realise that some crappy online test isn't going to dictate how you visualise YOUR future and your merit??

How about that kiddo?

commented: In it's own strange way... this made me feel a little better. Thanks +0