Interesting devices - the questions that come to mind are:
will they produce enough energy in their useful life to balance the energy costs of building them,
what is the useful life of the devices and what can be done to recycle them,
at that scale, why is it better than the hand crank/solar rechargers.

On the positive side, it does mean that scaling is coming into play.

Someone should set up a site to accept the devices when people no longer want them because I am pretty sure the battery will fail long before the generator; someone could justify a small scale wind farm if they could get the generators for free.

The easy answer is a neutrino - only one in a trillion passing through the center of the earth would actually be affected by it; about 60 billion solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of the Earth's surface every second. A neutrino is not mass-less but has so little mass that it can approach the speed of light.

<digression> a 'normal' unit of energy produced at the center of the sun takes about a million years to reach the surface of the sun whereas a neutrino produced at the center of the sun will reach the earth in about 8 minutes</digression>

Do you want to be really confused? Check this out - a new paper posits a universe where time and space are interchangeable via a constant in the same way E = mC^2 makes mass and energy interchangeable. This implies that Dark Energy makes up makes up 75% of the total mass/energy of the universe. But this flies in the face of the cosmic background radiation that is theoretically the energy left over from the Big Bang.

In other news, the number of angels dancing on the head of pin is up 32% but I digress.

WOW - sometimes I just can't keep up. Some radioactive decay varies over time - on a recurring pattern every 33 days. Hmmm, could this be caused by solar neutrinos? Er, the sun rotates every 28 days?? It could be that the core of the sun where the neutrinos are produced rotates somewhat slower. Could there be a mystery particle that is not a neutrino?? Could it be about neutrino entanglement? How could we tell since we can't determine neutrino spin? How close to the speed of light does the neutrino travel/what is the mass of a neutrino?

Cool nuclear decay not constant, neutrinos can interact with some nuclei that's how we can detect them so it doesn't seem that impossible that they could affect nuclear decay. Though my intuition would be that they would speed it up not slow it down but then nothing quantum is intuitive lol. And predicting solar flares how cool would that be!

WOW - sometimes I just can't keep up. Some radioactive decay varies over time - on a recurring pattern every 33 days. Hmmm, could this be caused by solar neutrinos? Er, the sun rotates every 28 days?? It could be that the core of the sun where the neutrinos are produced rotates somewhat slower. Could there be a mystery particle that is not a neutrino?? Could it be about neutrino entanglement? How could we tell since we can't determine neutrino spin? How close to the speed of light does the neutrino travel/what is the mass of a neutrino?

If solar flare can influence radioactive elements in such a major way - can it also change human DNA ?

It is generally thought that 'cosmic rays' + time = one form of evolutionary change. If the change brought about by the 'cosmic ray induced mutation' does not provide any survival advantages, it will probably die out.

This is a really small part of evolutionary theory but even small changes over a long enough period of time (consider how mountains are reduced to plains and sea bottoms are raised up to mountains) can spread through a population. Anther way can be thought of as the Genghis Khan method - approximately 1 person in 12 in Euro-Asia carry some small piece of GK's genetic material.

Hi GrimJack,
Can high frequency energy convert large amount of coal to partially crystaline structure ?

Coal is a hydrocarbon and, obviously, contains Carbon - the rest is mostly impurities like hydrogen, sulfur and other atoms.

So, discounting the impurities, we are left with Carbon. The most popular form of crystallized carbon is diamond. Extremely high energies are used to make a Carbon plasma kept in a magnetic 'bottle', the bottle is shrunk producing high pressures, then a diamond/crystal seed is introduced into the plasma and (much hand-waving here) and carbon 'crystalizes' around the seed, forming a crystal/diamond. Impurities can be inserted to produce color (see note 1)

Similar processes are use to create bucky-balls, bucky-tubes, etc which could be considered a form of crystal.

Looking in the other direction, I discovered Coulomb Crystal formation at extremely low temperatures - eg carbon atoms embedded in the surface of liquid helium at sufficiently high densities at low temperatures.

I am not sure I answered your question but I satisfied my curiosity.

Note 1 - another method of producing diamonds is using nanotechnology - essentially a tiny robot that stacks carbon into crystalline form. It is thought that this method could be used to produce cable of extreme strength and flexibility -- but I digress

I may have to adjust some of my answers:

"After measuring alpha in around 300 distant galaxies, a consistency emerged: this magic number, which tells us the strength of electromagnetism, is not the same everywhere as it is here on Earth, and seems to vary continuously along a preferred axis through the universe," Webb said. "The implications for our current understanding of science are profound. If the laws of physics turn out to be merely 'local by-laws', it might be that whilst our observable part of the universe favours the existence of life and human beings, other far more distant regions may exist where different laws preclude the formation of life, at least as we know it."

(note: alpha as it appears here is the "fine-structure constant" that binds all physical laws)

Cue FireSign Theatre - Everything you know is wrong,

Yes, it is possible dude. To let you know... the minimum amount and the maximum amount is the speed of light. 186000 miles per second. And yes absolutely limitless amount of joules can be contained in 1 cubic meter.

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I remember sitting in a coffee shop in Tucson AZ talking with someone spoke with the same sincerity and absolute certainty about his theories so I posited 'falsifiability' and he said that his idea was TRUE and therefore could not be proven wrong (something about earthquakes, volcanoes and China) - I could only look him dead in the eye and say "you are a crank". He sputtered and walked away.

Immulett - you are a crank. There is not even a consistent thread to your exposition that can be stated in such a way as to be tested.

If there is an idea or a theory in there, slow down and explain it. What do Gamma rays have to do with Dark Matter? How do you surpass cancer (did you mean suppress)? What is a 'only third dimension' body? Are you familiar with 'string theory'? Do you understand the 11 dimensionality strings and how 8 are tightly constrained and 3 unbound? Can you contain the context? The context is never the same.

Ok. I do not lie....You are an equal adversary. Touche. Yet, seriously, i'm not lying about the perpetual motion device. I even hate the word cuz it sounds like a false dream....Yet, I fathomed it...and searched all over for electric motors that would do the trick, and boy they're expensive...I finally had a revelation about using a skilsaw! lol.....that gives me even more turn for less.......only problem is it's like someone is sawing in the garage....and it never shuts up! lol.
About the ideas you suggested....

A#1...I have built it and have video evidence dude. perhaps you didn't understand the way i said it. just go to my site and watch the video. Numbers don't lie. and neither do i. you'll have to email me in order to get the URL, cuz they don't want advertising.
What do Gamma Rays have to do with Dark Matter?

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Alright, thanks, but no thanks. You don't need to clutter up other peoples' threads with schizophrenic nonsense.

The Singularity that was at the origin of the Big Bang was unmeasurable small. You could think of it as an unmeasurable small particle with an unmeasurable large temperature.

Wonder how many those would fit into a cubic meter?